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Revestech is the forward-thinking brand of the Nietos Group. Our philosophy, based primarily on business innovation, means that we have been studying and producing plastic materials for the most diverse industries ever since 1945, the year when the group embarked upon its journey as a producer of plastic textiles in Alicante.


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Throughout our years of operation, we have amassed so much experience that we are now manufacturers of revolutionary construction systems. With our brand, Revestech, we have positioned ourselves as a trusted partner of architects, surveyors, builders and installers for solving issues related to waterproofing, crack bridging, acoustics and drainage, providing them with an array of convenient and effective solutions.


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Our systems occupy a totally new place in the market. The fibre covering of our sheets ensures grip to tiles with cement-based adhesive, allowing professionals to forget about the compression layer during installation and making their work as straightforward as a simple tiling job.


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Production partnerships are one of the cornerstones of our business. Many prestigious brands, both national and international, rely on us to produce their waterproofing sheets, meaning that the innovation of our solutions reaches many points of the world.


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Our waterproofing sheets have the CE marking that guarantees compliance with the mandatory legislation in terms of essential requirements. All our systems are subject to a traceability process that allows us to identify and register each item from its production to the end of the sales chain. That’s why we perform laboratory tests on our sheets to certify each and every one of our products.

ongoing reseach

Our concern for rethinking spaces is what motivates us to constantly research new solutions that can multiply the possibilities of architectural projects.
Our R&D department analyses and tests out new projects at our laboratory before they see the light. What’s more, we have an institutional partnership agreement with the Department of Chemistry at the University of Alicante to conduct tests related to our products.

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revestech training is the commitment we have with our network of installers. Each month, we hold free courses and seminars at our facilities to expand professional knowledge of our waterproofing systems. Courses that we certify with a Revestech recognised installer diploma. What’s more, we hold tailor-made technical seminars/courses in companies and at technical colleges across the whole of Spain.

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